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SGS deals with Organic JAS, which certifies products produced without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and also Disclosing Production Information JAS, which gives customers access to accurate production information.

FSMA food safety

Organic product claims that can be proven may apply for certification under the Japanese Agriculture Standard (JAS) for organic products. In 2001, the law concerning Standardization and Proper Labeling of Agricultural and Forestry Products was amended, clarifying the labeling system for organic goods.

Disclosing Production Information JAS is a certification scheme which ensures producers record, keep and disclose relevant product information, and that consumers can access these details if they choose.

Today, certified products may display the JAS logo on their packaging. Products can carry JAS marks on the packages if they are graded by producers, manufacturers, distributors, or importers who are certified by a third party organization.

Benefits of JAS Certification

Employing our services to achieve JAS certification:

  • Demonstrates your organization’s commitment to organic produce to customers, consumers and stakeholders
  • Qualifies your products to display the JAS logo
  • Aids the implementation of better organic production system and processes

Why choose JAS Certification services from SGS?

We are a registered certification body (RCB), registered with Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MAFF), with local offices and a team of experienced auditors. With extensive certification expertise we can help you to show compliance to the required standard and open the door to increased business.

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