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Verification of performance for wind turbines from SGS – evaluate your wind farm power performance and ensure optimized energy yield.

Wind Turbines

Ensuring that your wind turbines are providing acceptable performance levels is vital. Our verification of performance evaluates your wind farm power performance, technical availability and subsequent energy yield, helping you to quantify any uncertainties in the energy production process.

Why choose verification of wind farm performance from SGS?

Our regular performance verification for your wind turbines can help you:

  • Understand the changes that occur over time
  • Maximize wind turbine availability 
  • Optimize the efficient operation of your wind farm
  • Validate data for the manufacturer’s guaranteed wind turbine power curve and the developer’s site assessment
  • Minimize financial risks by ensuring contractual compliance between manufacturers, developers and financiers

Trusted verification of wind farm performance from a leading supplier

As a world-leading supplier of tests, inspections and verifications, we offer you an unrivaled global reach and expertise in wind energy projects using the very latest technology and resources. Our vast experience stretches across every phase of a project – from conceptual development, design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning through to on going in-service inspections. As a result, we are your ideal partners to ensure the availability of your wind energy project.

Our verification of performance for wind turbines includes:

  • Power curve tests 
  • Monitoring wind farm efficiency 
  • Verification of energy yield and uncertainty
  • Wind speed monitoring 
  • Performance verification 
  • Contractual review for performance warranties 
  • Operational data review 
  • IEC standards compliance

To discuss how our verification of  wind farm performance can help ensure the continuous and efficient operation of your wind farm, contact us today.