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Welcome to our bio/analytical database. Explore the broad range of analytical methods that SGS offers and learn about the scale of our bio/analytical experience. With over 20 years’ experience, we develop GMP/GLP compliant analytical laboratory methods for small and large molecules, including bioanalysis, biosafety, biologics characterization, and stability assays.

Our biologics methods follow ICH Q6B guidelines and we can offer you a complete protein characterization package.

Performed in a GLP-compliant facility, our bio-analytical methods are fit-for-purpose validated and can be used to support all study types – from exploratory to regulatory level – according to EMA (Jul 2011), FDA (May 2001) and the Crystal City Conference (May 2006) Guidelines. Validation criteria follow the applicable international and local guidelines. All validations are tailored to specific program requirements. Some of these methods need to be revalidated to be in accordance with current regulations.

You can explore our analytical methods database below.